Camp Flagship

Behind the secret door of a seemingly ordinary canteen lies Camp—a brand new generation of toy store in NYC’s Flatiron District.

For a long time, traditional toy stores have struggled to stay alive due to their uninspiring model of having customers shop in sterile, icy warehouses—especially when paired with poor customer support, if any. Modern customers are attracted to building relationships with brands and being part of the story. No breadth of inventory these days can overcome the lack of customer engagement.

Camp wanted to try something new. Not only did they want customers to have the latest and greatest merchandise but also to be part of the retail space’s narrative. At Camp, customers are encouraged to roam, play, and interact with the environment and staff. They believe that the retail experience should be a dialogue between the space and its users. And that is exactly what we set out to make.

OkiDoki and I teamed up to transform Camp’s 10,000 square-foot space into an intricate labyrinth of play. We wanted to create, from the ground up, a shopping experience that takes kids and parents back in time to a far away land of complete camp nostalgia.

Camp opened its doors on December 15, 2018.

Studio | OkiDoki
Design, Strategy, & Illustration | Edmund Liang

Design Process

Design Process Overview

From vision to execution.

The Grove

An indoor forest with dappled lighting and hidden toys? Yes, please.


Designing for Merchandise

Ready, Play Ball

From concept to 3D to the real deal.


Other Microzones

Big Log Cabin

How about an indoor lake adjacent cabin of secrets?


Press Coverage