Print Media
Traditional Media
Unreal Engine
Premiere Pro

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

Miro (RealTime Board)

Google Tiltbrush


Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA 2008-2013
Bacheler of Science in Entertainment Design

Pasadena City College
Pasadena, CA 2005-2008
Art Foundation


Complex Magazine 2013
Featuring in Art+Design
25 People Shaping the Future of Design

Art Center Honors Term
Pasadena, CA 2013
Merit-based award to one graduate

Coastal America
National Geographics HQ, DC 2012
Shrimp By-Catch & 7 Ocean Principles
Poster Illustration

Art Center, CA 2012
Developing future directions for PolyOne
Intensive 1-Day Workshop with Client


Facial Hair
Assaulting Smells
Vulgar Flavors
Super Deep House
Future of Food
Future of Learning
Future of Trash
Effects of Over-Population
Misfocused Photos
How Everything Works
Asking "What If?"


Psyop 2019
Unannounced Project
Creative direction for AR spatial experience.

Gregory Stern 2019

Unannounced Project

Art direction for a sci-fi universe.

OkiDoki 2019
The Zone
Design consulting & visual development for kid’s space in Manhattan.

Marry The Moon 2019
Unannounced Project
Visual development for AR interactive events & characters.

Nexus 2019
Visual development for AR interactive characters.

Marry The Moon 2018
Unannounced Project
Visual development for interactive AR worlds.


Camp NYC

Experience design for 10,000 sq ft flagship toy store in NYC.

Nike Global Brand Design 2018

Unannounced Project

Illustrated concepts for new campaign pitches.

The Third Floor

Unannounced Project

Design & illustrate detailed assets for 3D artists to build.


Buck Design LA 2018
Apple — Share Your Gifts
Design & illustration for world environments.


Logan 2018
Google, Perrier, Imaginary Friend Society, WWE, Apple
Creative direction & design for commercial pitches.

Psyop 2018
Apple, Clash of Clans, Slack, Thrall, & Travelers
Creative direction and world-building for video game & design for commercial pitches.

Midnight Sherpa 2018
Dolby Vision & Atmos
Creative direction & design for commercial pitches.

Art Center College of Design 2018
Teaching Independent Course: AR w/ Ivan Cruz
The course oversaw a student group who wanted to further the dialogue between of AR and physical space.

Art Center College of Design 2017
Teaching Undergrad Senior Course: VR & Beyond w/ Ivan Cruz.
The course taught VR fundamentals and practices unconventional ways to use immersive technologies for solving real-world problems.

Collaboratory 2017
Unannounced Project
Designing for AR and its future usages in retail.

Logan 2017
Designing for AR for late 2017 iOS.

Psyop 2017
Branston, GWR, & University of Phoenix
Designing worlds for commercial pitches.

VRC 2017
Fat Dragon w/ Robert Stromberg
Creative direction & world-building for VR experience.

The Third Floor 2017
Unannounced Project w/ Brian Leake
Creative direction & world-building for VR experience.

Continuum 2016

Boston Aquarium

Brainstorm & illustrate proposals for new environments of aquarium.


VRC & The Third Floor 2016
Raising A Rukus w/ Steven Spielberg, Robert Stromberg, & Josh Wassung
Art Direction & world-building for VR experience.

Logan 2016
Announced Project w/ Alexei Tylevich
Brainstorm & character design for video games.

Psyop 2016
Kismet VR
Design & illustrate world assets for VR.

Riot Games 2016
Unannounced Project
Establish visual style for internal project.

Sterling Brands 2015
Unannounced Project w/ Malcolm Gladwell
Brainstorm & design large-scale interactive experience spaces for emerging technologies.

Gentleman Scholar 2015
Design for commercial pitch.

Logan 2015
Apple & Age of Empires
Design for commercial pitches.

Psyop 2015
Clash of Clans
Design for commercial production.

Mandoo Pictures 2014
Rock Dog
World-building for feature animation.

Imaginary Forces 2014
Design for commercial pitch.

Psyop 2014
Bloodborne, Baycrest, Cirque Du Soleil, Mastercard, & Clash of Clans
Design for commercial pitches & app UI.

Logan 2014
Nissin, Columbia Magma, Legend of Cambria, & The Amazing Spiderman
World-building & design for commercial pitches and short films.

Logan 2013
The Order
Visual development for video game trailer.

Psyop 2013
Coca-Cola, Toshiba, & Clash of Clans
Production artwork & design for commercial pitches.

Imaginary Forces 2013
MPAA & Strife
Design & world-building for commercial pitches.

Adhesive Games 2013
Design for in-game UI.

Psyop 2012
Pepsi, British Gas, Kid Icarus, & Green Mountain Coffee
Design for commercial pitches.

Ford Models 2011
Men & Women's Fashion Photography
Photographer for model portfolios

BLT & Associates 2011
Monsters, Inc 2
Design for commercial pitch.

Jim Henson Co 2010
Pinnochio w/ Guillermo Del Toro & Gris Grimly
World-building and design for feature stop-motion film.

Nicklodeon 2010
Pudding Toast
Background painting for TV animation.

Amblin Entertainment 2010
Unannounced Title w/ Steven Spielberg & Guy Dyas
World-building for feature film.