Print Media
Traditional Media
Unreal Engine
Premiere Pro


Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA 2008-2013
Bacheler of Science in Entertainment Design

Pasadena City College
Pasadena, CA 2005-2008
Art Foundation


Complex Magazine 2013
Featuring in Art+Design
25 People Shaping the Future of Design

Art Center Honors Term
Pasadena, CA 2013
Merit-based award to one graduate

Coastal America
National Geographics HQ, DC 2012
Shrimp By-Catch & 7 Ocean Principles
Poster Illustration

Art Center, CA 2012
Developing future directions for PolyOne
Intensive 1-Day Workshop with Client


Facial Hair
Assaulting Smells
Vulgar Flavors
Super Deep House
Future of Food
Future of Learning
Future of Trash
Effects of Over-Population
Misfocused Photos
How Everything Works
Asking "What If?"


The Third Floor 2018

Unannounced Project

Design & illustrate detailed assets for 3D artists to build.


Buck Design LA 2018
Unannounced Project
Design & illustration for world environments.


Logan 2018
Google, Perrier, Imaginary Friend Society, WWE, Apple
Creative direction & design for commercial pitches.

Psyop 2018
Apple, Clash of Clans, Slack, Thrall, & Travelers
Creative direction and world-building for video game & design for commercial pitches.

Midnight Sherpa 2018
Dolby Vision & Atmos
Creative direction & design for commercial pitches.

Art Center College of Design 2018
Teaching Independent Course: AR w/ Ivan Cruz
The course oversaw a student group who wanted to further the dialogue between of AR and physical space.

Art Center College of Design 2017
Teaching Undergrad Senior Course: VR & Beyond w/ Ivan Cruz.
The course taught VR fundamentals and practices unconventional ways to use immersive technologies for solving real-world problems.

Collaboratory 2017
Unannounced Project
Designing for AR and its future usages in retail.

Logan 2017
Designing for AR for late 2017 iOS.

Psyop 2017
Branston, GWR, & University of Phoenix
Designing worlds for commercial pitches.

VRC 2017
Fat Dragon w/ Robert Stromberg
Creative direction & world-building for VR experience.

The Third Floor 2017
Unannounced Project w/ Brian Leake
Creative direction & world-building for VR experience.

Continuum 2016

Boston Aquarium

Brainstorm & illustrate proposals for new environments of aquarium.


VRC & The Third Floor 2016
Raising A Rukus w/ Steven Spielberg, Robert Stromberg, & Josh Wassung
Art Direction & world-building for VR experience.

Logan 2016
Announced Project w/ Alexei Tylevich
Brainstorm & character design for video games.

Psyop 2016
Kismet VR
Design & illustrate world assets for VR.

Riot Games 2016
Unannounced Project
Establish visual style for internal project.

Sterling Brands 2015
Unannounced Project w/ Malcolm Gladwell
Brainstorm & design large-scale interactive experience spaces for emerging technologies.

Gentleman Scholar 2015
Design for commercial pitch.

Logan 2015
Apple & Age of Empires
Design for commercial pitches.

Psyop 2015
Clash of Clans
Design for commercial production.

Mandoo Pictures 2014
Rock Dog
World-building for feature animation.

Imaginary Forces 2014
Design for commercial pitch.

Psyop 2014
Bloodborne, Baycrest, Cirque Du Soleil, Mastercard, & Clash of Clans
Design for commercial pitches & app UI.

Logan 2014
Nissin, Columbia Magma, Legend of Cambria, & The Amazing Spiderman
World-building & design for commercial pitches and short films.

Logan 2013
The Order
Visual development for video game trailer.

Psyop 2013
Coca-Cola, Toshiba, & Clash of Clans
Production artwork & design for commercial pitches.

Imaginary Forces 2013
MPAA & Strife
Design & world-building for commercial pitches.

Adhesive Games 2013
Design for in-game UI.

Psyop 2012
Pepsi, British Gas, Kid Icarus, & Green Mountain Coffee
Design for commercial pitches.

Ford Models 2011
Men & Women's Fashion Photography
Photographer for model portfolios

BLT & Associates 2011
Monsters, Inc 2
Design for commercial pitch.

Jim Henson Co 2010
Pinnochio w/ Guillermo Del Toro & Gris Grimly
World-building and design for feature stop-motion film.

Nicklodeon 2010
Pudding Toast
Background painting for TV animation.

Amblin Entertainment 2010
Unannounced Title w/ Steven Spielberg & Guy Dyas
World-building for feature film.