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My curiosity knows no limits.


I am obsessed with immersive spatial experiences that use multiple sensory stimuli to tell stories because there are often a gazillion ways to express a single idea. And since everyone perceives the world a little differently, the adventurous process of exhausting all possibilities to find the most powerful and comprehensive solution(s) thrills me to the core.


As a firm believer of informed-decisions, I value every opportunity to ask provocative questions and play devil’s advocate. All while lending a good wide-receiving ear because after all two heads are better than one. I love challenging the norm while inviting others to be curious and think out the box.


There is a priceless expression on people's faces that I live for when they suddenly realize the world is way more delightful than they’ve ever imagined. A friend of mine once said to me — if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.


Coming from a professional background of design for films, video games, and motion graphics, I continue to explore the dynamic fusion of emerging technologies and its future with multi-dimensional, multi-platform interactive experiences.


Have a crazy idea? — I'm dying to hear it.